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Your help and knowledge is needed to compile a progressive and historical compilation on the development of Glassine

Envelopes, Bags, Sleeves, Liners, Preservers, Enclosures, Paper and Pockets, as well as guides to the many uses of this extraordinarily stylish paper item.


Please send any information you have, including sources or suppliers.

We would like to list all the different ideas you have for using Glassines and there are a lot of uses:



Internet Paper Dictionary


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Alphabetical Terms and Definitions Specifically Related to Paper Manufacture



The Primary application of Glassine is it’s Translucent / See Through use, permitting viewing without exposing the

contents to fingerprints, abrasive materials or other contaminants. The Paper Material is porous and allows for chemical

fume and moisture dispersal preventing the degradation of the contents.

With all the corrosive materials around us from cleaning solvents to the airborne abrasive materials in dust form, we

sometimes need a little special protection for those items that need that little extra care. The US Postal Service has long recognized the importance of the Glassine Envelope for long and short term storage of delicate and valuable stamps.

Coin collectors will confirm that as well. For the most part, Glassine Paper is made from the finest unbuffered, unbleached, acid free, pH neutral, 100% pure pine wood cellulose and Archival quality materials.. Assuring maximum visibility, in a number of varieties of sizes and styles, that will help protect their contents from contaminants and abrasive materials that can damage those special items and not chemically react with or harm rare collectable stamps, coins, delicate old or new photographs, antique negatives or transparencies, electron microscope negatives or plates, laboratory specimen collections, such as crime scene investigations, entomology studies and even mushroom spore samples as well as other hobbies. Not all is pH neutral and a lot is intended for grease proof uses where oil is used for cooking and storage. Even more is used for silicone filming, for use as a backing for self sticking labels such as stamps and shipping labels. The most commonly used weights are  #22, #25, #30, #35, #40 and #60 pound translucent paper stock. The #35 is a specifically preferred weight for Postal Services use with Postage Stamps. Glassine is an excellent choice for the home, shop, office, business and research laboratory facility or even specialty weddings and wrapping decorative items or confections. Ideal for food packaging needs, Glassine Lined bags provide a barrier for moisture, grease and stains. Made of 30 lb. Paper, available in decorative colors with an inner 25 lb. Glassine liner.

Some not so well known uses include Medical and Laboratory sterilizing, biological indicator safety testing and chemical baths. The primary use of the Medical Blue paper is because it is a typical medical and laboratory related color and more specifically, it holds it’s color after autoclaving while the Bleached White envelopes tend to turn yellow. There is definitely an aesthetic value to the Med-Blue paper. Green is also used, primarily for weight scale paper, but the blue is mainly used for the medical profession.



Specific Applications



Invitations, Lottery Tickets, Gift Certificates, Rice, Seed, Candies, Sachets, Potpourri, Gifts,


Long term and short term storage, Postal Vending, Album Interleaving,


Negatives, Photographs, Slides, Photo AlbumInterleaving,


Coin Collecting, Baseball and Other Collectable Cards, Decals,


Soap Peddles, Crocheted Butterflies,


Mushroom Spore Collections, Flower and Leaf Pressing and Collections, Autoclaving (Gas/Steam/Radiation/Electrical), Chemical Baths, Hospital & Medical instrument protection, Pollen Collection for Controlled Plant Breeding,

[Biological Research & Safety Testing, Sterilizing Heat Resistance, Plant Pollination]


Bugs, Butterflies, Dragonflies,

[Quality Storage, Efficient Field Specimen Collections, Chemical Resistance, ]


Scale Weighing Paper, Crime Scene Evidence Collection, Hospital, Optics, Autoclaving,

[Sterility Control, Chemical Resistance, ]

Ø     ART

Charcoal Sketches, Interleaving Separation for Water Color and Oil Paintings,

[Smudge Proof Protection, ]


Self-Stick Label Backing,


Libraries, Document Preservation, Bonds,


Cookies, Candies, Doughnuts, Popcorn, Burgers, Fries, Fudge Cycles, Chinese, Confections, Candy & Baking Cups, Doilies, Table Settings, Serving Trays,

[Grease Resistance, Quality Presentation, ]


Cereal Packaging, Machine Parts, CD’s, Plant Seeds, Hotel / Motel Turndowns, Hotel Drinking Glass Protection,

State Motor Vehicle Plate Stickers / Driver Licenses / Tags, Optics,




What sizes are recommended for Credit Cards & Business Cards?????

End Open Style: L138 [Fits like a Glove for both]

Side Open Style: L123 [Fits like a Glove for both]

Thumb Cut Photo Sleeve: L243 fits but has 9/16” extra space on the width


Available Weights & Colors

22lb., 25lb., 29lb., 30lb., 35lb., 40lb., 41lb., 42lb., 42.5lb., 54.5lb., 60lb., 78lb.,

Bleached, Super Clear, White, Off White, Brown, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Purple,

Pink, Aqua, Opaque, Amber, Manila, Laminated Opaque

[pH Neutral / Grease Proof / Tissue / Silicone Film]






We look forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you.

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