Lake Almanor Weather

This site provides current and historical weather data for Lake Almanor, Plumas County, California.

The personal weather station (PWS) providing this data is located in Prattville near the southwest shore of the lake at an elevation of approximately (USGS map interpolation) 4535 ft above sea level.  The closest Post Office (95923) is in Canyon Dam, about 5 mi. SE down Hwy 89.  The town of Chester (96020) is at the NW end of the lake about 7 air miles NW. 

The PWS is a Davis Vantage Pro2 and is running Virtual Weather Station software in order to be compatible with both the Wunderground weather network and the WeatherForYou weather network.  The station data from which some of these webpages are generated are available at the following Wunderground site - Almanor Station History .  The rain collector has the addition of a heater so that snow will be converted to 'equivalent rain'.  Presently, the heater is activated manually so there are occasions when the snow may accumulate unmelted.  However, when turned on, the precipitation total will eventually catch up with no error in the total (just an error in the real time rate).  Update 5/29/07 - We have now added an X-10 computer operated switch for the rain collector heater so it can be turned on when the conditions for snow are sensed.  We have yet to install a true snow detection device, but that will be done eventually.

A feel for the PWS site can be obtained by visiting my Wunderground photos at Almanor PWS photos.

The uploads of data to the website VWS pages is automated to update every 10 min.  If the data is greater than 11 min. old, there is a problem.  :-)

We hope you will find the information here helpful and accurate.  If you note a problem, feel free to let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.  Joe Cook joecook-at-digitalpath-dot-net

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Almanor Weather - Virtual Weather Station - VWS
Almanor - Daily Summary - VWS
Almanor - Details - VWS

The above Wunderground sticker should be showing current (within 10 min.) Almanor PWS conditions.

Canyondam, California, weather forecast

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Accuweather seems to synthesize their Canyon Dam data from a combination of Chester (temp) and Redding Muni (wind) reports.  In any event, these discrepencies are one of the reasons we created the Almanor PWS - So that real world, more or less real time Almanor data would be available to those interested. There is a difference!   :-)

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