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Dr. Ian Dunbar's two books:

BEFORE You Get Your Puppy


AFTER You Get Your Puppy


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Recommended Reading

Here are some books that you might find helpful. You can click on the description to order them directly from Dogwise.com, my source for reference material.

I also have recommendations for dog products on my links page.


Understanding the Nature of the Beast...

How to Be the Leader of the Pack

The Other End of the Leash

Before you get a dog...

Your Purebred Puppy, A Buyer's Guide

Mutts: America's Dogs, A Guide To Choosing, Loving And Living With Our Most Popular Canine

Before You Get Your Puppy

Basic training...

Dog Training For Dummies

Beginning Family Dog Training

Crate Training Your Dog

Dog Training in 10 Minutes

Training puppies...

How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With

Puppy Primer

After You Get Your Puppy

Common Training Issues

Dogs & kids...


Child-Proofing Your Dog

Raising Puppies and Kids Together

PARENTING WITH PETS - The Magic of Raising Children with Animals




Challenging dogs:


Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence

Living with two or more dogs...

Feeling Outnumbered? How To Manage & Enjoy A Multi-Dog Household




Off-Leash Dog Play

A Complete Guide to Safety & Fun






The Bark Stops Here

+ Specialized books recommended only in conjunction with help from a qualified trainer...

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