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Schroeder's Den

now offers daycare

just for puppies!


Come home to a tired & happy puppy!



Just for Puppies

under 5 months old

Just got a new puppy? Congratulations!

Don't wait to start training!

Your puppy is already learning, so start building good habits right away. The eight-week obedience class teaches everything you need to raise a wonderful companion. Even before Puppy Class starts, I hope you'll attend our Puppy Romp and Puppy S.O.S. on Sundays to make the most of your puppy's critical first weeks.




  • Socialization  during “puppy recess" and “pass the puppy”
  • Commands include: sit, down, heel, come here, wait, leave it and go to your rug.
  • Address common puppy issues like jumping up, biting, housebreaking.
  • Cost is $200 for 8 weeks
  • Class size islimited to six puppies

Puppies under 5 months of age and are current on the vaccination series.      Class Schedule


Get help with the challenges of raising a puppy.

30-minute workshops immediately following Puppy Romp, so you don't have to wait for a class to cover the most urgent topics:

Biting & Jumping


Leash Walking


Each workshop costs $10. Attendance is available only to puppies that attend Puppy Romp that week (any owner may attend without their dog). See Class Schedule for dates.

No registration required.


The safest way to socialize your puppy.

1:00-2:00 pm on Sundays

at Schroeder's Den in Hillsboro.

$10 per visit, or $50 for a "6-pack"
(This is not a class, no advance registration needed).


Bring your puppy (under 5 months of age) to play at a fully-sanitized facility. Kirsten moderates the session to promote safe play. If you got your puppy from a shelter, please wait a full week before attending Puppy Romp.

Why is socialization so important? Puppies need to have positive interactions with new dogs and people (outside the home) starting during the critical socialization period of 8-16 weeks of age. American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior statement on early socialization.

Unfortunately, this window has closed by the time puppies have completed their immunization series. Until now it has been difficult for owners to socialize their puppies while minimizing their exposure to disease. As a result, many inadequately socialized puppies grow into fearful and aggressive dogs. In fact, more dogs are euthanized each year due to behavioral problems than die from all the contagious diseases combined. We hope that by providing a safe opportunity to socialize puppies, Schroeder’s Puppy Romp can help alleviate this problem.

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