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Who is this crazy old comedy writer anyway?
The biography - short version.  Every writer has to have one, right?

Here is a list of what I've written and uploaded:

NEW!  See my best Myspace fiction on my website here...

The Bogus Bulletin  (satire) Updated as news hits the fan...

A Bloggery?  Interesting email comments I've made (humor)

Whirled Hysterie: How It REALLY Happened (parody) - Past events retold with a different spin.
                           Remember that those who forget history are condemned to repeatedly laugh at it.

Predictions by Vestradamus, that OTHER 16th century psychic.
                                            See what's REALLY going to happen in the future.

Earl's Web Ramblings  (commentary)

Parodies of songs  that I've posted on www.amiright.com (my favorite music humor website)
                             At last count, I've uploaded 19 of them and won a parody competition.  Songs parodied
                             include "Surf City", "Mr. Roboto", "Fly", "Closing Time", "Don't Fear The Reaper" and more.

The power of comedy:  What happens when a pop-up ad gets linked to my site!

Things actually seen in our local newspaper, unedited except for cropping to fit the page.

Lifetime TV movie plot generator (humor)

Scam email parodies! (satire, parody)

I actually won a contest!  (Captioned picture)

I actually won another contest! (Captioned picture)

Funny spam subject lines (humor collections)

Nasty Noises, the sound scheme used on my laptop.

Submission to the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for 2002 (writing sample)
           Update: Didn't win, of course.

Submissions to the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for 2004 (writing sample)
           Update: Didn't win, of course.

Bogus Bulletin Interview with a man obsessed with "CATS" (comedy script, work in progress)

Unsolvable Mysteries (comedy script, REALLY rough draft)

Alien Talk Show (comedy script, finished)

Jabberwocky: The news article, the original, and the parody written at age 14 (humor)

Sample internet voting screen (humor) - This one was on HumorSearch, and was probably responsible
for them deleting the entire captioned picture section.  They never did like me...

Earl's Y2K Panic List (humor).  Now they're claiming the March 2007 daylight savings time change will
cause the next apocalypse, and I don't have time to update my list to reflect our new sense of
impending doom.  Aw, fiddlesticks.

Apocalypse ASAP  - Things that would cause the apocalypse... (humor)

Extra Terrestrials  (short story - fiction - humor)
Update:  Rewritten as a short screenplay / TV pilot for the Bravo "Situation:Comedy" contest.

Response to "have you been abducted by an alien" questionnaire (humor)

Comment to a webmaster of a site specializing in sarcasm (humor)

Stupid things  (list)

Comment on a site about cartoon characters (humor)

The name was, but the movie wasn't (humor)

Alien Pizza - 3 page short script (humor)

Join the Good Times Crew (satire)

Our policy on cookies (rude message)

Editorial printed in the Longview Daily News (humor)

Cortana's plea:  This is serious.  My interpretation of Cortana's shellshocked "deer in the headlights" look. (commentary)

Bush and Gore: How the candidates stack up (humor) - Also was on HumorSearch, and probably
contributed to the eventual deletion of their captioned picture section.

Why do a web page? (commentary)

Ham Radio humor  (humor - Novice class or higher license required to understand this!)

Entry for the PGL2 contest. My bottom 250 entry and first attempt at screenwriting.
Read it at your own risk.  The sad results  here.
Guess who received my copyright registration  package!

Entry for the Bravo "Situation:Comedy" contest, a rewrite of Extra Terrestrials.  Didn't come close here either.
I didn't even find out the contest results until they were taping the TV show.
Did anyone see the show?  I never even found out when it aired.  Yawn...

Entry for the ScriptNurse Mini-Movie contest: Another loser.  This will be posted when I have time.

 Oh noooo - Chemtrails! Read more about the controversial subject.

Current total earnings from writing:
   - $94.37
not counting postage.

Comments? Questions?
Rejection letters?
Email me here.

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