Nigerian scam spam emails got you down?  Here's what to do with them:
write a parody!  It's easy (think Mad Libs) if you have the original, which is
always pretty darn funny to begin with!

NOTE:  We don't hate Nigeria or Nigerians.  We don't mock them because of their skin color, or their
religion, or their culture.  We pick on those Nigerians who are sleazy, scam-sucking, brain-drained morons
who think that asking Americans for money up front to repave their driveways or transfer millions in stolen
government money will actually work.  Go ahead and laugh at them.  It's not like they'll try and sue me for
damaging their "reputation"...or for damages caused by ruining their scams...

Future scam:   original  parody Thanks to a spam from "(CHIEF)Mrs. Margret (or is it Catherine?) Obaseki"
                                                 for this one.  And they say that Earth girls are easy...

Redneck scam:    original  parody     Thanks to a spam from "BARRISTER USMAN SALATU" who is the
                        perfect example of a Nigerian hick.  At least he is now...

Just plain fun:  original parody    Thanks to "CHUKWUDI ANIFE"  who uses the same form letter as
                        our drinkin' buddy Usman Salatu.  How much wood could Chukwudi chuck...

Grade school scam:  original parody  Thanks to a spam from "MR.JOHN UZUOKA" for this one.
                                 Show and tell time as we take the spammers to school...

We be scammin! original  parody   Multiple credits for this one.  Rinkworks    provides the translation.
                            "ERIC NKOMO" is our 1972 throwback

Clinton scam:    original parody   This gem comes from "Monica Khumalo" who, probably with her single
                           Nigerian hottie friends Margie Obaseki and Marianne Okafor, likes to party till the cows
                           come home.....literally.

Stupid scam:    original  parody  I almost thought the original was a parody, but I'll rip anything apart.
                       "MR.OBI  PHILIPS"  is not one of the Mamas and the Papas, but he still sings funny...

Another one:  original   parody   This is another where the original was pretty bad, but scammers don't
                       have a word in their native language for "proofread".  Or "credibility" either.

Pure parody:   The quintessential Nigerian scam.  What you'd expect if an average Nigerian wrote this.

Remember - we report spamming scammers to the  Treasury Department agents AND the ISP - then we
proceed to humiliate them mercilessly.

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