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Precision Landscapes was put out of business by a careless driver who injured the owner, when a 90lb bale of hay fell off a semi, hitting the owner's truck at 120 mph impact, running him into a ditch. After years of pain management and spine surgery he still remains unable to work. Everything must be sold to pay for medical expenses.



Corporations & Websites Participating in this Yard Sale Include:

Check out this Website: www.PrecisionLandscapes.com

Check out the Website: www.TractorServices.com

Check out the Website: www.GrazierConstruction.com

 Check out the Website: www.PandaProduction.com

Check out the Website: www.GlassinUSA.com

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1947 Harley-Davidson For Sale: Knucklehead Chopper or www.1947Knucklehead.com

1963 Buick Riviera For Sale: Classic Lowrider or www.1963Riviera.com

Custom 30.06 Rifle For Sale: Hunting Rifle or www.3006-Rifle.com


Expert Arbor Services & Hazard Removal: www.SpidermanTreeServices.com



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